Give Patients the Relief They’ve Been Searching For

No treatments for relieving leg cramps and reducing the severity of symptoms associated with restless legs syndrome (RLS) have been proven both safe and effective—until now.1,2

Theraworx Relief 7.1 oz Spray and Foam

Theraworx Relief Is Different

Theraworx Relief is a clinically proven and published, locally and non-centrally acting, topical solution that:

REDUCES the severity of symptoms associated with RLS

PREVENTS cramps and spasms when used daily

RELEASES muscle tightness

RELIEVES muscle soreness

With a unique antispasmodic and muscle-relaxant mechanism of action, non-addictive Theraworx Relief may serve as a first-line alternative to prescribed centrally acting agents when patients experience dose-limiting effects.

Clinical Evidence

Theraworx Relief has demonstrated clinically significant results in studies involving RLS and nocturnal muscle cramps:

In an Omega Clinical Research study including 35 patients diagnosed with moderate-to-very severe RLS, 60% of participants using Theraworx Relief experienced a 50% or greater reduction in severity of symptoms as documented using the IRLS assessment tool.3

In a study including 49 patients diagnosed with chronic nocturnal muscle cramps and spasms, 60% of participants using Theraworx Relief experienced significant reduction in the incidence and severity of nocturnal muscle cramps, improvements in self-reported quality of life and sleep quality, and a reduction in depressive incidents.4

Theraworx Relief as a Companion Product

According to the latest NPR-Truven Health Analytics Health Poll, nearly 1/3 of people have stopped taking their prescription medications without telling their doctors. Of them, 29% said they’ve stopped due to side effects.5

Muscle cramps happen to be a reported side effect of hundreds of prescription medications, from intravenous iron sucrose and conjugated estrogens to statins and diuretics.1,6 Additionally, certain medications can cause or exacerbate RLS symptoms.7

By managing leg cramps and reducing the severe symptoms associated with RLS, Theraworx Relief supports adherence, helping patients stay on important—and often life saving—medications. Find out more about medications that cause muscle cramps and medications associated with RLS symptoms.

A Convenient Option

Theraworx Relief comes in an easy-to-use, fast-absorbing, non-sticky spray or foam. In fact, it’s the only foam product in the external analgesic category. Furthermore, while some products may require up to 12 tablets a day to simply relieve symptoms,8 Theraworx Relief can prevent muscle cramps and spasms with just a few simple applications a day. Learn more about dosage guidelines.

Want More?

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to request clinical trial results, receive general information, or get Theraworx Relief on your shelves, contact us today.


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